Clémence du Barré


The idea of performing with a street organ came to Clémence in a dream. She had shortly arrived in Stone Mountain, Georgia with her husband and was looking for a new artistic project. She wanted to use her singing talent, bring smiles to audiences’ faces and a sense of poetry. She also wanted to perform around town easily, in a manner of a minstrel and share her French culture. The idea of singing with a street organ became quickly evident.

After months of research when she even considered building herself the instrument, she found a 27 key mechanical Odin street organ which was being sold on line with 50 music books from Québec. Shortly after, Clémence received three big boxes and started to perform at Café Jaya in Stone Mountain Village, GA. That’s how Clémence became officially a street organist.

 To watch the arrival of the street organ at her home, click here)

Clémence is originally from Paris, France, where she spent most of her life. A fiery grandmother living on the same floor as her family gave her a taste for travels, discovering different cultures and a love for Hollywood musical movies. Her mother being a dancer, it was natural for her family to bring her to a dance studio to learn tap because her dream was to dance alongside Gene Kelly. Years forward, she started her professional career as a jazz dancer and passed the French Diploma to become a Jazz Dance Teacher. She discovered her voice shortly after a stay in New York City. Back in France, she found out her mezzo-soprano voice was a real talent that needed to be developed. This brought her to perform in different French musical productions including landing the role of Frenchy in the French production of Grease.

To pursue her need of learning and for improving her skills, she studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, following her voice teacher Alison England who was teaching there at the time. Two years later, a fresh graduate from the school, Clémence met the man who would become her husband and knew right away she won’t go back to live in Paris anytime soon.

Clémence is deeply appreciative for all the adventures she’s been living in the United States since she arrived for what she thought would be only a six months stay. Though Paris is the most beautiful town on Earth and she misses her family at times, Stone Mountain Village and its warm community is home. She’s thrilled to watch the effects that her talent, passion and the magic of a mechanical box have on the faces of kids from 1 to 122 years old.